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The Journal of Bioenergy and Food Science is an electronic publication of the Federal Institute of Amapá – IFAP. The aim of this work is to contribute to the  dissemination of knowledge through the publication of scientific papers (unpublished and original articles, reviews and scientific notes) in Portuguese, Spanish or  English.

The editorial board of the journal invites researchers, professionals, undergraduate and postgraduate students to share their experiences with the scientific and  academic community through our electronic journal. With the mission to spread of the knowledge derived from researches and bibliographic reviews, through  publications of both national and international coverage.

The journal maintains an anti plagiarism policy (the manuscripts before they are forwarded to the peer review will be evaluated) after this analysis,  the manuscripts will be forwarded to the evaluation did not present evidence of plagiarism of other works.

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The evaluation of manuscripts received is a Double blind peer review type (National and international reviewers).

The published articles with Creative Commons Attribution License type, which permits  unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited. This work is licensed under CC BY-SA.

AREAS: Agrarian sciences | Food Science | Food Technology | Food Engineering | Nutrition | Biotechnology | Biodiversty | Chemistry | Environmental Science | Interdisciplinary

Peridiocity - 4 issue / year

eISSN 2359-2710

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H-index – 2  (2014-2016)

Qualis CAPES (Brazil)

B4 - Agrarian sciences and Engineering II

B5 - Veterinary Medicine

C - Food science and Technology, Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Zootecnia/Fishery resources






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The Journal of Bioenergy and Food Science is providing scientific papers approved for readers in the Ahead of Print format prior to the closing of the final composition.


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Posted: 2017-02-19
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Vol 3, No 4: Journal of Bioenergy and food science, oct/dec, 2016

Table of Contents


Yield of hydrolysis and production of lignocellulosic ethanol from elephant grass biomass [PDF (PORTUGUESE)]
Lara Neiva Siqueira, Emerson Adriano Guarda, Patrícia Martins Guarda, Roseanne Batista Rodrigues da Silva, Robson dos Santos Barbosa 191-196
Pretreatment of sugarcane top leaves by ozonation as a promotion of susceptibility to hydrolysis [PDF]
Felipe Iwagaki Braga Ogando, Juliana Aparecida de Souza Sartori, Nathália Torres Corrêa Magri, Claudio Lima de Aguiar 197-206

Food Science

Artisan cheese: a potential source of wild lactic acid bacteria to obtain new starter cultures [PDF (PORTUGUESE)]
Maria Luiza Barros Cabral, Meire dos Santos Falcão de Lima, Gabriela Alves de Araújo Fernandes, Eduardo Felipe da Costa, Ana Lúcia Figueiredo Porto, Maria Taciana Holanda Cavalcanti 207-215

Agrarian sciences

Effect of pods' position on the protein content in soybean grains at low latitude [PDF]
Paulo Victor Gomes Sales, Joenes Mucci Peluzio, Flávio Sérgio Afférri, Ana Cláudia Rodrigues da Costa Sales, Victor Hugo Gomes Sales 216-221