Biorefineries: concepts, classification, raw materials and products

Jonas Chaves Alvim, Fernanda Aparecida Lima Silva Alvim, Victor Hugo Gomes Sales, Elisa Maria de Oliveira, Paulo Victor Gomes Sales, Ana Claudia Rodrigues Costa


Due to the growing demand for fuel and the increased emission of greenhouse gases, it’s necessary to increase the use of clean and renewable fuels. Among the renewable fuels there was two with current use is in large scale, bioethanol and biodiesel. One of the main challenges for the production chain of biofuels is the dependence of the product price in the market, the fluctuation of the same can lead companies to have large losses. The term biorefineries is widely discussed and there are several definitions for the same. The introduction of the concept of biorefineries in the plants producing biofuels can lead to reduced costs, increased profitability and independence.


Biorefineries, bioethanol, biodiesel, biohydrogen, Joint production


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