Vol 1, No 2

Journal of Bioenergy and food science, jul/set, 2014

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18067/jbfs.v1i2

Table of Contents

Food Science and Technology

Conservation of refrigerated products and frozen displayed for sale in supermarkets in the city of Palmas-TO PDF (Português (Brasil))
Phaollo Rocha, Erlane Fernandes Rocha, Marcia Ribeiro Alves, Irene Rodrigues Freitas
High hydrostatic pressure in food preservation: an approach to the processing of juice PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fernando Morais Rodrigues, Liliane Garcia da Silva Morais Rodrigues, Carla Rosane Barboza Mendonça, Elisa Maria de Oliveira, Victor Hugo Gomes Sales
Drying of natural banana nanica with and without pretreatment osmotic PDF (Português (Brasil))
Paulo Victor Gomes Sales, Ana Claudia Rodrigues da Costa, Elisa Maria de Oliveira
Physical and physiochemical characterization of the pitayas red (Hylocereus costaricensis) produced in three cities of pará PDF (Português (Brasil))
Suenne Taynah Abe Sato, Suezilde da Conceição Amaral Ribeiro, Michel Keisuke Sato, Jesus Nazareno Silva Souza


The cycle marabaixo in Macapá and the Roman Catholic Church: conflicts, ideologies and religious syncretism PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ricardo Soares Nogueira, Ilton da Cruz Alves, Lilian Rodrigues Lobato, Marilda Leite Pereira