Elaboration of a cereal bar enhanced with flour of buriti pulp (Mauritia flexuosa L.)

Ila Raquel Mello Cardoso, Abraham Damian Giraldo Zuniga, Pãmella Fronza, Amanda Galvão Maciel, Jéssica da Silva Ferreira


The buriti (Mauritia flexuosa L) shows high percentage of sugar, proteins, and carotenoids among others. The developing of the cereal bar added with dehydrated fruit has become a very important activity due its popularity, practicality, nutritional value and sensory characteristics. This work had as a goal, elaborate a cereal bar enhanced with different concentrations of 10%, 20% and 30% buriti flour. About the buriti pulp physical and chemical composition, were found 60,33% of moisture, 3,69% of protein, 49,8% of lipids, 0,18% of ashes, 46,64% of carbohydrates and 4,7mg of carotenoid/100 g of buriti sample. About the cereal bar physical and chemical characterization, 12,4% of moisture, 11.96% of lipid percentage, 6,76% of protein percentage, 0,16% of ashes and 68,72% of carbohydrates percentage. As for the smell, the 30% flour sample revealed a significant difference from the 10% sample, but similarity with the 20% sample. About the buriti flavor, the 30% sample revealed a significant difference with the average of 8,1. This sample has shown bigger averages for the sensorial tonality, compression, cereal flavor, buriti flour smell and buriti flour flavor attributes, having a bigger rating of acceptability.


sensorial analysis; new product; tasters training.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18067/jbfs.v4i2.137


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