Design and Modelling of a Milk Cooling and Storage Unit Based on Peltier and PV Panels

Caner Koc, Maksut Bars Eminoglu, Ugur Yegül, Gökturk Seyhan


Companies and individual entrepreneurs which takes the milk from dairy storage points and dairy farms to distribute in the city centers, use milk cooling units mounted on pickup chassis.  Cooling units are manufactured using stainless steel, 1st class Tungsten Inert Gas welded, with a capacity of 200 to 5000 L, designed to remain no liquids inside. Cooling units are required for milk to be delivered to the customer without losing its freshness, without spoiling on the road, hundreds of kilometers on the vehicle. In this study, a milk cooling and storage unit based on a Peltier element with a capacity of 1000 L was designed. Energy calculations and finite element method was used to analyze the design of the developed model. As a result of the analyzes, it has been concluded that the milk can be cooled by three times less energy consumption with the Peltier Centric Cooling Unit developed.


Milk tank; peltier; finite element method; ANSYS; milk cooling; energy harvesting; economic analysis

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